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Privacy Act Authorisation and Disclosure


By signing below you authorise Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Limited ("YMF") or any associated entity, related company, affiliate or subsidiary of YMF (each an "Affiliate") to collect, hold, use and share personal and credit information about you (including credit default information, ongoing credit account information and repayment history information) (Information) in accordance with this authorisation and disclosure, YMF's Privacy Policy and the Privacy Act 1993.

Your Information is required to assess your application for a loan, lease or other products and services provided by or on behalf of YMF or any Affiliate authorisation .  YMF cannot approve your application unless you provide your consent to YMF or any Affiliate collecting, holding, using and sharing your Information.


You authorise YMF or any Affiliate to give and collect Information to and from credit reporters, and to obtain a credit report about you.

You authorise YMF or any Affiliate to give and collect Information to and from:

  • any credit providers you name in your application or any contract between you and YMF or any Affiliate; and
  • any credit providers named in a credit report issued by a credit reporter or a credit provider.

Your authorisation allows YMF or any Affiliate to give a credit reporter or credit provider details of the type and status of your accounts, the amount of credit extended and the nature and frequency of your payments (including any default or breach).

You acknowledge and agree that Information given to credit reporters may be listed on their systems, used by them to provide their credit reporting services, and given to their customers who use those services to make credit decisions about you.


Information YMF obtains about you may be used by YMF, any Affiliate or any other third party referred to in this authorisation and disclosure for the following purposes:

  • to assess your application including completing credit checks on you;
  • to confirm and verify your identity including electronically matching your Information with identification information on third party databases;
  • to make ongoing credit decisions about you including reviewing and managing your loan or other account, collecting or recovering any payments or other amounts from you, monitoring your compliance, or to better service any loan or other account provided by YMF or any Affiliate;
  • to notify a credit reporter or a credit provider if you default in any payment or breach any contract or arrangement with YMF or any Affiliate;
  • to assess your credit worthiness from time to time;
  • to monitor your performance or compliance under any contract for sale or supply of goods or services connected to the provision of credit by YMF or any Affiliate;
  • to comply with any laws in New Zealand and overseas, including any mandatory obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Finance of Terrorism Act 2009;
  • to monitor and screen any account you have with YMF or any Affiliate for fraud or other crime detection or prevention purposes; and
  • utilizing services provided by other third parties in connection with the assessment of your application or the provision of any loan, lease or other products or services by YMF or any Affiliate.


You authorise YMF or any Affiliate to give and collect Information to and from:

  • any person or organisation named in your application or provided by you from time to time;
  • your proposed guarantor(s), consumer credit insurer(s), mortgage insurer(s) or other insurance providers;
  • any of your existing guarantors, consumer credit insurers, mortgage insurers, introducers, consultants, brokers or any other supplier of goods and services;
  • YMF’s collection agents, a credit reporter or a debt recovery organisation;
  • any Affiliate;
  • any third party that provides services to or on behalf of YMF or any Affiliate such as mail houses, lawyers, accountants, motor vehicle dealers, insurers, computer system providers (including data hosting providers using cloud computing technology) so they can provide those services to YMF or any Affiliate; and
  • the police, government agencies or other financial institutions where YMF or any Affiliate believes collection or disclosure is required by law or will assist with detection and/or prevention of criminal activity.

You authorise YMF or any Affiliate to produce this authorisation and disclosure to such parties for the purposes set out above.

You authorise your accountant to give your financial information to YMF any Affiliate, or any agent of any of them.  You also authorise government agencies which hold your driver's licence or motor vehicle registration information to verify your identity to YMF, any Affiliate or any of their authorised agents. You understand the provision of your driver's licence number is voluntary.


You authorise YMF, any Affiliate or any agent or contract of any of them to use your Information for marketing, research, planning and product development purposes (including marketing or promotional electronic messages). You can request that you do not receive direct marketing communications.


You can request a copy of YMF’s Privacy Policy or obtain access to or update your Information by writing to “The Privacy Officer” at YMF’s address on this authorisation and disclosure or on your contract with YMF.


You are entitled to have access to and request correction of your Information held by YMF.


YMF or any Affiliate may use or disclose this Information before, during or after the term of any contract or arrangement you have with YMF or any Affiliate.


The Privacy Officer

Yamaha Motor Finance New Zealand Limited

Private Bag 94 412

Botany, Auckland 2163

YMF Privacy Act Authorisation: